Weekly Market Report for June 5-9, 2023

Weekly Market Report for June 5-9, 2023
  • Markets
    • Dow Jones Industrial Average   +0.3%
    • S&P 500   +0.4%
    • Russell 2000   +2.2%
    • NASDAQ   -0.2%

All major U.S. equity markets finished higher as anticipation grows over a rate-hike pause from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is currently in a media blackout ahead of its July 13-14 policy meeting. Though nothing is guaranteed, over the past 40 years stock markets have performed well on average following a conclusion to rate increases. Currently, seven stocks are driving S&P 500 growth – Apple is one of them. Apple introduced its new vitrual reality called Apple Vision Pro. It’s a personal display worn on the face that incorporates Apple elements and a unique operating system. The combination of expected rate-hike pauses and a new product launch from a driver of the S&P 500 sparked markets.

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