Tax Preparation Process
  1. You Provide Tax Paperwork
  2. We Initiate Interview
    • Once complete, we will contact you to provide written suggestions and to request missing information.
  3. You Supply Requested Additional Information
    • Once you gather the information requested, simply provide us with that information.
    • Should questions arise, please call or email us at anytime and we will happily respond as soon as possible.
  4. We (Securely) Send Tax Return 
    • We will send a secure copy of your tax return to you for review.
    • We will send your Fee Invoice at this time.
  5. You Authorize Filing
    • By paying your invoice and confirming the information is accurate, you authorize us to complete your tax filing.
    • Should any payment issues arise, please call or email us and we will be happy to work with you to ensure proper filing of your tax return(s).
  6.  We Complete Tax Return Filing
    • Upon receiving your fee and authorization, we will overnight your tax return to your home address.
    • You will receive a secure, paper copy of your tax return with pre-addressed federal and state mailing envelopes included.
    • You’ll receive one additional paper copy of your completed tax return to keep with your records.
Please contact us with any and all questions you have. We’re happy to assist you!