Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Process
  1. You Provide Contact Info and Tax Documents
    • Please submit your contact information using the contact us page.
    • We will reply to you promptly.
    • Gather your tax documents and reference the Tax Preparation Checklist.
    • Email or mail your documents to us.
  2. We Perform Document Intake
    • Once documents are received, we will contact you to perform a document intake and to request any missing information.
  3. You Supply Additional Information
    • Once you gather the information requested, simply provide us with that information.
    • Should questions arise, please call or email us at anytime and we will be happy to answer your questions.
  4. We Prepare Your Return and Provide You With A Completed Copy
    • We will prepare your tax return.
    • We will securely send a copy of your tax return to you for your review.
    • We will send your Tax Prep Invoice at this time.
  5. We E-File
    • After paying your invoice and confirming the information in your tax return is accurate, you will authorize us to electronically file the tax return on your behalf.
    • If you opt for paper filing, we will send a paper copy of your tax return to you for you to sign and mail. We will include pre-addressed federal and state mailing envelopes for you.
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